This unit is fully equipped with most modern diagnostic tools with facilities for Microscope, Nasal endoscopies, Tympanometry, Flexible Endoscopic Laryngoscopy, Audiometry. The outpatient department has audiology section handled by qualified audiologist and speech therapist.

This department caters to the needs of common ENT conditions. through the use of the latest Central India class equipment, for a better outcome and for overall patient management and satisfaction.

Brain Stem Evoked Audiometry (BERA) and Electro - physiological Diagnostic studies are also available in the department of Neuro-Physiology. Yet another highlight of this department is that, Complex plastic surgical procedures involving the head and neck region including the management of oral sub-mucus fibrosis ( a consequence of prolonged tobacco chewing habit) and uvulopatopharyngoplasty ( Operation for snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome) are also offered. Stapedotomy, Tympanoplasty, Ossiculoplasty, Laryngectomy, Block dissections of the neck, Endolymphatic Sac Surgery for Meniere's disease, Voice Restoration Surgery and many more are being done at Apex.

  • Dr. Akhil Sareen (MS ENT, Fellow Head and Neck Surgical Oncology)
  • Dr. A.K. Gupta (MS ENT)
  • Endoscopy
  • Laryngoscopy
  • Hearing test (Audiometry)
  • Surgery of Ear, Nose, Throat
  • Head & Neck Cancer Surgery
  • Phonosurgery
  • Endoscopic & Skull Base Surgery