The hip is a ball-and-socket joint where the head of the femur articulates with the cuplike acetabulum of the pelvic bone. The acetabulum fits tightly around the head of the femur. The ball is normally held in the socket by very powerful ligaments that form a complete sleeve around the joint (the joint capsule ). The capsule has a delicate lining (the synovium ).

The head of the femur is covered with a layer of smooth cartilage which is a fairly soft, white substance. The socket is also lined with cartilage. This cartilage cushions the joint, and allows the bones to move on each other with very little friction.

An x-ray of the hip joint usually shows a "space" between the ball and the socket because the cartilage does not show up on x-rays. In the normal hip this "joint space" is approximately 1/4 inch wide and fairly even in outline.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Replacement surgery of the hip is being successfully performed for the last forty years Every year thousands of patients benefit from this surgery world over.

For variety of hip disorders, this operation helps in relieving pain, gaining range of motion and improving walking ability. It converts a disabled person to an able person. Converts a liability to an asset.

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