Why Choose Apex Hospital?,

In the last 30 years, Apex Hospital has provided quality medical care, bringing the injured and disabled people back into their routine life. It has experienced phenomenal success and safety in surgical care in orthopedics and plastic surgery. People's growing faith in the hospital is evident by its immense growth into a 200+ bedded exclusive center for orthopedics and plastic surgery, which is one of the largest in India. Here are some reasons why more than one lakh people every year choose Apex Hospital for their medical care:

Experienced doctors in each sub-specialty

Doctors with years of experience in Apex Hospital cover virtually every subspecialty of Orthopaedics. Orthopaedics is one of the rapidly growing specialties in medical field. It has many sub-specialties such as Joint replacement, Spine Surgery, Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine, Shoulder and Upper Limb, Limb reconstruction, Complex trauma, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Foot and Ankle and Tumor Surgery. Apex Hospital's s doctors are specialized in each of these specialties so that any patient gets the maximum expert care for a particular orthopedic problem. Our clinics treat large numbers of people, giving our doctors extensive experience in treating your condition. We also treat rare conditions, which are treated in only few other places in India.

Top-rated institution

Apex Hospital has been selected to the International Society of Orthopedic Centers (ISOC). ISOC is a very select group of orthopedic units in the world. The membership is by invitation and limited to the best hospitals in the world. Hospitals with good track records in clinical work, teaching and research are only invited. ISOC was started in 2006 and so far only 15 centers are included. Apex Hospital is the first Unit to be invited to join this group from South Asia. It is a pride and prestige to our country that our hospital has been selected for this society. Doctors in Apex Hospital have been the leaders in their specialty and have been the presidents of their association at many time points.

Cutting Edge Technology

Apex Hospital has the latest and best in diagnostic and treatment technology - from the highest resolution imaging devices to computer aided navigation surgery techniques. High resolution 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner, Siemens Symphony CT scanner and digital radiographs provide the best imaging support to accurately diagnose diseases. On the operative side, Brain Lab navigation services for computer aided spine and joint replacement surgery ensures safety and precision, Medtronic’s Neuromonitoring enables performance of complex spinal cord surgery without risking the cord, Cell Saver machines enables long and complex surgeries maintaining patients' safety, and the most advanced orthopedic implants available internationally are used at Apex Hospital.

Innovation and research

One of Apex Hospital's missions is to keep looking for new and better ways of looking at things, analyzing diseases and providing the best possible care. Our doctors are engaged in active clinical and basic research. These have been recognized internationally and won prestigious awards like the ISSLS and Euro spine awards. The knowledge acquired in research has enabled better patient care at affordable cost.

Collective Wisdom and many viewpoints

Doctors at Apex Hospital seek opinion from one another in decision making on disease care. Daily radiograph meetings, audits and case presentations are conducted where the senior and the experienced from all sub-specialties discuss and plan the best possible care for a particular patient. The ability to collaborate as team members and discuss complex diseases, provides better care and better answers for the patient.

One-stop care under One roof

Virtually all services that a patient may need — doctor visits, laboratory testing, surgery, x-ray, CT, MRI scans, physiotherapy, anesthetic assessment before surgery — are available "under one roof" at Apex Hospital. Scheduling of these services is coordinated in an efficient way at Apex Hospital such that what might take two or three days in another setting is done in a single day at Apex Hospital. In fact complex problems that may require sub-specialty specialist opinion or expert input from senior consultants are available throughout the day even without prior appointment helping patients to get the "best possible doctor visit" on a day.

Experience and reach

Apex Hospital has been treating orthopedic conditions from the common to the rare for the past two decades. Once inside Apex Hospital, patients across all strata get the best possible, experienced and specialized care to alleviate their suffering. Our patients are ensured that the quality of the medical care, recovery to normalcy, attention to detail and the efficiency of surgical care is equivalent to the best centers in the world.