We, at Apex Hospital, are proud to offer an exceptional 24/7 service of well-stocked In House pharmacies to service the immediate needs of our patients. We provide complete Professional care and medication services wherever our patient needs medication or a prescription. We carry the best quality & most efficacious products available to help aid in our patient’s overall health. Having an In House pharmacy is just another way of providing exceptional convenience to our patients by providing a bed to bed services to them.

Today, most hospitals are focusing on offering In house pharmacies to eliminate that extra stop for patients, save their time provide convenience to make sure patients leave with their medicines & understand the side effects & dosages to increase adherence.

Our staff members are professionals, well qualified & experienced in administering medication & can also give you tips & advice on how to give the needed medication. They all are fully dedicated to the satisfaction & welfare of the patient as well as their attendants. The safety of our patients is paramount to the success of our organizational missions. Goals are developed by experts in patient safety by nurses, physicians, pharmacists, managers & other professionals with patient safety experience in a variety of settings.https://apexhospitalvaranasi.com/ambulance-service/