Registration & Admission

Outpatient Appointment (OPD)

The front office staff at the reception can take away all your worries by assisting you during the admission process. They will generate a Unique Identification Number (UID) for the patient ensuring accurate medical records are maintained and stored by the hospital for all future reference. Simplify your experience with the help of our friendly staff at the reception.

Doctor Consultation

Once the registration process is complete, it is time to consult the doctor. The doctor will carry out a checkup of the patient and if necessary, admit them to the hospital. The doctor will then advise the patient regarding their admission and refer them to a counselor for further assessment. The counselor will provide any additional advice or assistance that the patient may need. Once the admission process is complete, the patient can begin the necessary treatment or procedure.


Apex Hospital is proud to have a team of experienced counselors who can help patients understand the estimated time and cost required for admission. They will provide an estimate and assist in selecting the appropriate category of room for the patient. For those seeking cashless admission, our counselors are equipped to help guide them towards the insurance desk or TPA desk in order to complete the hospitalization process. We are dedicated to providing the best possible experience and care to all of our patients.

In-patient Stay 

Once the counseling session is over, if required, the patient must make an advance payment. This advance payment will be adjusted against the final bill at the time of discharge. It is important to note that the patient should not pay the full amount of the bill upfront, as the advance payment is only a part of the total bill. The amount of the total bill will be determined at the time of discharge. The patient must pay the balance amount in order to complete the payment.


Once all the above formalities are met patient will be admitted.If a surgical operation is due to take place on the day of admission, please arrive on an empty stomach, i.e. do not eat any solid food from midnight. You can drink still water up to one hour before most surgical procedures.

Apex Hospital Patient Information
What to bring

Please bring in all of the following documents with you

  • Personal ID (identity card, passport or Aadhar Card)
  • Insurance card (health insurance)
  • Doctor’s referral letter, if available
  • Documents from prior examinations (x-rays, medical reports, etc.)
  • Blood group and vaccination card, allergy ID, diabetes monitoring booklet or other medical ID cards
  • Comfortable loose clothing
  • Underwear, socks
  • Pajamas or nightgown
  • Slippers
  • A small amount of cash or bank card for the ATM
  • Books and magazines, if you want to read
  • Electronic entertainment devices (music, movies and games; use with headphones only please). We have televisions in all the rooms.
  • If necessary: glasses, contact lenses, hearing aid(s) (with spare battery), walker
  • It is best if you leave valuables, credit cards, etc. at home as the Apex Hospitals assumes no responsibility for your personal belongings
  • Your toiletry bag: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, comb, etc. is provided by the hospital as a complimentary kit based on your category of accommodation
  • Medication that you take regularly including the original packaging
  • Organ donor card, if you are registered
Emergency – Dial 911-960-1990 in case of an emergency or come directly to the Emergency Department, which is located in Building 1 of the ground floor.