PSYCHIATRY department

Leader In Medicalizing The Brain

The department of Psychiatry and Psychology provides comprehensive services in the evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic emotional and mental disorders in children, adolescents and adults.

Psychiatric therapy includes individual and group psychotherapy, electroconvulsive therapy, psychopharmacology and inpatient and out patient consultation. Child and adolescents mental health treatment programs are preceded by detailed medical, emotional, and psychological assessments with a strong emphasis on education and family influences. Areas addressed include anxiety, behaviour, learning disorders etc. The Psychiatrists at Apex Hospital, Varanasi have at their command the latest laboratory equipment to study the structure of the neurons system including the brain, electrical activity of the brain and the functioning of the brain. On the advice of a Psychiatrist, the patient is sent to psychologist, to do tests of the mental function. Psychiatrists at our Hospital have the added advantage of having internists and other specialists under the same roof, for body and mind problems that are often closely interlinked. Taking a total perspective, the Psychiatrist decides on the management best suited for the individual patient.

Psychiatry Team

 Dr. Mithelesh Sharan (MD)

Dr. Raj Shekhar. (MD)

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