Apex Component Blood Bank

Blood bank plays important role in modern health care . Blood transfusion is a life saving modality in critical situations like accidents, surgeries and intensive care units. Another important aspect of blood transfusion, it extends life span of children with transfusion dependent blood disorders like Thalassemia, Sickle Cell Anaemia and marrow failure syndromes. Blood products are also used to stop simple or critical bleeds, in coagulation blood disorders. Major technological advances over the last thirty years in blood bank’s systems of blood collection, component separation, storage, virus detection, issuing compatible blood products made the role of blood bank in society today very much essential.


  • Whole Blood
  • PR BC
  • Platelets
  • Plasma

Most Advance machine of Apheresis single Donor Platelets (SDP)

Objectives of the Blood Bank

The primary aim of the Apex Blood Bank is to provide quality medical care to patients by dispensing safe and good quality blood and its components for transfusions, to promote voluntary blood donation and to discharge its responsibility to donors who provide blood. The main functions of the department is :

Proper blood collection facilities

  • By proper donor selection
  • Safe procedures for bleeding donors
  • Promotion of voluntary blood donations and motivation of donors to return for donation
  • Ensuring confidentiality of donor record
  • Providing information to donors
  • Optimal testing, preservation and utilisation of blood
  • Providing properly grouped and cross matched blood

Detection of transfusion-transmitted infections

  • Providing specially processed blood for patients requiring repeated transfusions
  • Ensuring optimal utilisation of blood by preparing blood components
  • Proper preservation of blood
  • Prompt and appropriate disposal of unsafe blood

Promptly provide blood, round the clock

Component and Aphaeresis Blood Bank

  • Sandeep Nautiyal (MBBS, MD Pathology)
  • Gyanendra Mohan (MBBS, MD PATHOLOGY)

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