Founder Message 

Respected Visitors,

As medical science and its clinical application for managing various kinds of Orthopedic spine, Trauma, Medical & surgical diseases has advanced a lot from previous years. Now with the help of advanced scientific equipment may be diagnostic or surgical the outcome of disease has changed dramatically up to the tune of nearly 100%of done in a golden hour with compliment hand at specialized care. Indian medical education, itself is not so advanced as in America. What to say of medical care in India where medical insurance is not a common practice nor health awareness is up to the mass among 50% literal society with 75% revel background.

I believe as part of the contribution to society being a pioneer institution it is mandated to me to deliver world-class orthopaedic Trauma, spinal and medical & surgical care with help of a good team of doctors having specialized training and world-class Equipment with ISO standard infrastructure we are helping people individually with specialized care and achieving target near 100% not only in success but by choosing such method with is last traumatic, most safe affordable and hang cosmetic value in minimum time.

It is all possible only by repeated interaction, updating, training and development at APEX.

Wish you and your family good health.

Dr S.K. Singh
Apex Welcare Pvt. Ltd.