Apex Super Speciality Hospital’s Team

Department of Orthopedic and Spine Surgery

  1. Dr S K Singh, MBBS, MS, MCh, FICS, IMAMS
  2. Dr Swaroop Patel, MBBS, MS (Ortho)
  3. Dr Anoop Patel MBBS, MS (Ortho)

Department of Sports medicine and sports Injury

  1. Dr Amit Kumar Jha, MBBS, MS, DNB(Ortho), FNB(Sports Medicine

Department of Neurology

  1. Dr Vivek Tripathi, MBBS, DNB(Med), DNB (Neuro)

Department of Neuro Surgery

  1. Dr Ashish Tiwari, MBBS, MS, MCh
  2. Dr Gaurav Srivastav, MBBS, MS, MCh

Department of General Medicine

  1. Dr S K Yadav, MBBS, MD (Medicine)
  2. Dr G K Agrawal, MBBS, MD (General Medicine)

Department of General Surgery

  1. Prof. (Dr) Anand Kumar, MBBS, MS(Onco & General Surgery)
  2. Dr Anurag Dixit, MBBS, MS, FMAS

Department of Pulmonary Medicine

  1. Dr Vinod Kumar, MBBS, DNB(Pulmonary Medicine)

Department of Gastroenterology

  1. Dr Ravi Kant Thakur, MBBS, MD, DM(Gastro)

Department of Cardiology

  1. Dr. Utpal Kumar, MD, DM (Cardiology)

Department of Cardiac Thoracic Vascular Surgery

  1. Prof Dr Damyanti Agarwal, MBBS, MS, MCh(CTVS)
  2. Dr Amit Srivastva MBBS, MS, MCh(CTVS)

Department of Surgical Oncology

  1. Prof. (Dr) Anand Kumar, MBBS, MS(Onco & General Surgery)
  2. Dr Deepak Kumar Singh, MBBS, MS, MCh (Surgical Oncology)
  3. Dr Anurag Dixit, MBBS, MS, FMAS

Department of Radiation Oncology

  1. Dr. Ankita Patel, MBBS, MD(Radiation), ECMO, PGDMLS, PGDHIM
  2. Dr Gaurav Goswami, MBBS, MD(Radiation)
  3. Dr Neha Gupta, MBBS, MD(Radiation), ECMO

Department of Nuclear Medicine

  1. Dr RS Meena, MBBS, MD(Nuclear Medicine)

Department of Onco Rehabilitation

  1. Dr. Dibyendu Roy, BPT, MIAP, MIASM

Department of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

  1. Dr Rajeev Kumar, MBBS, MS, MCh, DNB, (Plastic Surgery)
  2. Dr Deepak Prasad Agrahari, MBBS, MS, MCh

Department of Pediatrics

  1. Prof. Dr Vijay Bhargav, MBBS, MD (Pedia)
  2. Dr Abhishek Jaiswal, MBBS, MD (Pedia)

Department of Obs & Gynecology

  1. Dr Anupama Singh, MBBS, MD (Gynae)
  2. Prof Dr LK Pandey, MBBS, MS, FICOG, FIC, MCh
  3. Prof Dr Sulekha Pandey, MBBS, MS, FICOG, FIC, MCh

Department of ENT

  1. Dr. Akhil Sareen, MBBS, MS, FOHNS

Department of Dentistry

  1. Dr Pranya Garg, BDS

Department of Phsiotherapy and Rehablitation

  1. Dr. UK Singh

Department of Occupational Therapy

  1. Dr Soumyashree Samantaray, BOT(NILD), COO(New Zealand), CLT(TMH), CSI, CHWT

Department of Urology

  1. Dr. PK Keshari, MBBS, MS, MCh

Department of Nephrology

  1. Dr. Sandeep P. Deshmukh, MBBS, MD, DNB(Nephrology)

Department of Ophthalmology

  1. Dr. Sunny Gupta, MBBS, MS(Optha)
  2. Dr. Ankit Soni, MBBS, MS, FICS

Department of Pathology

  1. Dr Sandeep Nautiyal, MBBS, MD(Pathology)
  2. Dr Gyanendra Mohan, MBBS, MD(Pathology)
  3. Dr Swati Chouhan, MBBS, MD(Pathology)

Department of Radiology

  1. Dr Sunil Kumar Dubey, MBBS, MD(Radio)
  2. Dr Gauri, MBBS, MD(Radio)

Department of Emergency & Critical Care

  1. Dr Rakesh Kumar, MBBS, MD(Anaesthesiology)
  2. Dr Abhishek Singh, MBBS, DA(Anaesthesiology)
  3. Dr Umesh Kumar Kannaujiya, MBBS, MD(Anaesthesiology)
  4. Dr. Sumit Kumar Vishwakarma, MBBS, MD(Anaesthesiology)
  5. Dr Ashish Kumar Srivastava MBBS, DA, DNB, FNB(Critical Care Medicine)

Department of Endocrinology

  1. Dr Alankar Tiwari
    MBBS, MD, DM(Endocrinology)

Department of Pain Medicine

  1. Dr V Rastogi
    MBBS, MD(Anaesthesiology)