Apex Hospital has the credit of being the:

  1. Biggest Echo friendly Hospital campus in the Private sector
  2. Complete Diagnostic Center with world-class modality in Private sector
  3. Apex is having Component Blood Bank which is only in Pvt sector
  4. First accident & trauma care unit in private sector in Eastern U.P
  5. First to Start U/L Knee Replacement in Varanasi
  6. First & the only centre where B/L Knee Replacement at a single stretch is done in Varanasi
  7. First to Start U/L Hip Replacement in Varanasi
  8. First to Start B/L Hip Replacement in Varanasi
  9. First to Start U/L Shoulder Replacement in Varanasi
  10. First to Start B/L Shoulder Replacement in Varanasi
  11. First & the only centre where Scoliosis correction is done in central India
  12. First to Start Bone tumour reconstruction in central India
  13. First & the only centre to Start Gamma Scan (Nuclear Medicine & Imaging) in U.P private sector
  14. First to start trans-thoracic spinal instrumentation in Varanasi
  15. First to start sternal split for upper dorsal lesions in Varanasi

16. Largest Number of Hemi replacements done in Varanasi

17. Largest Number of Arthroscopy done in Varanasi

18. The oldest woman aged 94 yrs being operated for Hemi Replacement

19. Largest Number of Knee replacements in a day(5 cases)

20. Largest Number of open disc surgery in Varanasi

21. Largest Number of Endoscopic disc surgery in Varanasi

22. The largest number of pedicular screws in Varanasi

23. The largest number of anterior cervical fusions in Varanasi

24. The largest number of fracture cases managed in Central India

25. The largest number of monitors in a private sector in Varanasi

26. The largest number of trauma patients s in Eastern U.P

27. Hospital is empanelled almost all insurance Comp, Govt & Non-Govt institution & National & International companies

28. Biggest & fully equipped Cancer Center in Private Sector

29. Only institute in U.P to provide DPT, BPT

30. The first institute to provide a graduate degree in Nursing (BSc)

31. First Nuclear medicine department in private sector in the whole of Uttar Pradesh

What our patients are saying

very day we strive harder to deliver a great patient experience which is not just the treatment but also your overall experience at any of our facilities.